The Small Transparent Speaker is a fancy audio product that lets you see everything. Thanks to the ingenuity of designers we get to enjoy awesome products that can be pretty unconventional. Putting their ideas on paper, then as a prototype, and finally, a product ready for retail can be time-consumer. However, the results are sometimes amazing.

For a long time, we are always fascinated by the mechanisms inside our gadgets. Thankfully, see-through materials were the answer to show us the magic within. When the Transparent Speaker came out, it was an engineering masterpiece.

Now, the company is offering the same stunning aesthetics in a compact profile. To be honest, this new model’s appearance is more cohesive than the original, which looks like a rushed school project. To keep the structure rigid, the frame uses aluminum to hold the tempered glass panels in place.

Transparent Sound did not only make a visually stunning device, but the audio reproduction is also likewise exceptional. You get crisp highs, powerful mids, and rich bass to keep your ears happy. Built with sustainability in mind, as such everything can be easily taken apart for recycling. Its modular nature allows users to upgrade some of the parts to reduce waste.

It is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible and support True Wireless pairing. This means the Small Transparent Speaker can connect to another one for stereo sound. We love the way the device keeps all the traditional control switches and ports upfront. Meanwhile, the wireless controls and USB Type-A port are hidden at the bottom compartment.

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Images courtesy of Transparent Sound