It seems all those rumors were actually spot on all along as the Galaxy Z Fold2 is finally here. After Samsung’s somehow controversial launch of the Galaxy Fold smartphone, it’s back for round two. Technically, the South Korean brand was able to salvage some of its foldable handset dignity with the Galaxy Z Flip. However, what many of us want to see is how it was able to learn from its mistakes.

As with most flagship smartphones in 2020, the Galaxy Z Fold2 is compatible with major 5G networks. Keeping up with Samsung’s drive to innovate, there are several upgrades owners can look forward to. Honestly, it is still stunning to see the device up close while it opens and closes. Unlike its predecessor, which suffers from durability issues, the sequel is slightly more robust.

The problem with the original foldable smartphones was the hinge mechanism. While it is meticulously engineered to deliver a seamless experience, it was prone to ingress from dust and other debris. To tackle this issue, Samsung adds micro brushes that keep all of that nasty stuff out. Of course, the highlight here is the 7.6-inch 2208 x 1768 flexible Dynamic OLED screen.

When closed, owners can still interact and view notifications through the exterior 6.23-inch 2260 x 816 Super AMOLED touch panel. Samsung ensures that every aspect of the Galaxy Z Fold2 is smooth, which is why the display refresh rate has been bumped up to 120 Hz. It is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ SoC with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage.

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Images courtesy of Samsung