The Cupertino-based tech brand might be getting all the attention right now with many anticipating its next hardware showcase, but Samsung is ready for it. After announcing the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, the South Korean tech group penned the date for its second Unpacked 2020 reveal. While many are eager to see what the Apple Watch Series 6 brings to the table, the Galaxy Watch 3 stuns the tech industry once again. Here’s what we believe makes the wearable the standout smartwatch this year.

Abandoning Google Wear OS is perhaps the best decision from Samsung. Although the operating system has some cool features, its dismal battery management is a sore spot. Following the success of the original Galaxy Watch, the manufacturer drops the ball with the second-generation model. Learning from its slip-up, the latest device welcomes the return of a versatile control system.

While the Galaxy Watch 3 sports a touchscreen interface and side buttons, the mechanical rotating bezel is once again available. The Galaxy Watch Active omitted it in favor of a software version, but the execution lacked optimization. This time, Samsung is packaging everything great about the first and adding several new functions.

To compete against its rival, aside from the typical heart rate sensor, the Galaxy Watch 3 takes it a step further. It boasts fall detection, SpO2 levels, sleep scoring, V02max, blood pressure monitoring, and a built-in electrocardiogram (ECG). Samsung is offering two sizes: 45 mm and 41 mm. The LTE variant may be more expensive but can make/receive calls and messages even without a smartphone.

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Images courtesy of Samsung