Apple started the first half of the year with great hardware releases. Its seems that the company wants its consumers to know that they listen to feedback. The 2020 MacBook Pro and second-generation iPhone SE had all the right elements to attract their intended consumers. Then there’s the latest iPad Pro, which, when paired with the new Magic Keyboard accessory and revamped iPad OS, becomes a productivity powerhouse. Meanwhile, Samsung unveils its answer to the new tablet – the Galaxy Tab S7+ and Tab S7.

Since we’re going for performance parity, we’re going to highlight the premium model. While the Galaxy Tab S7 can hold up on its own, the range-topping model is where it’s at. Over the years Samsung has designed its high-end slates to rival the quality Apple delivers.

Perhaps that most impressive feature the Galaxy Tab S7+ brings is the stunning 12.4-inch 2800 x 1752 Super AMOLED panel. For buttery smooth visuals, it boasts a 120 Hz refresh rate. There are two versions available: Wi-Fi and 5G. That’s right Samsung wants you to keep up with the latest tech when it comes to connectivity.

Running the show is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ chipset with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage for the base configuration. Next up is the massive 10,090 mAh battery which supports 45W fast charging technology as well.

Unlike the Apple Pencil, which is sold separately, the S-Pen is bundled for free. It connects magnetically and wirelessly charges on a designated area just below the rear cameras. Furthermore, the optional Book Cover Keyboard add-on works great with Samsung’s DeX Mode. The latter turned the Galaxy Tab S7+ into a work-ready machine with its desktop-like experience.

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Images courtesy of Samsung