A few weeks ago, we talked about how hydrogen-electric systems are facing an uphill battle against battery-electric technology. The key issue here is the lack of infrastructures such as limited refueling stations and the overall cost of producing the gas. Still, it’s not stopping forward-thinking companies from using it. To illustrate, we have the MIGMA concept from Ruma.

The Spanish design group presents a 180-foot watercraft with a hydrogen fuel cell system. This is not the first sustainable proposal we’ve seen, but it has been a while since we heard of something innovative like this.

From the renders, we’re looking at a sleek and futuristic vessel that does not skimp on luxury. This recreational twin-hull yacht flaunts elegant curves and sophisticated aesthetics inspired by nature. The fluid theme shows spaces flowing into one another seamlessly.

Ruma envisions interiors that provide 360-degree views with minimal obstructions. Thus, the MIGMA will use electrochromatic smart glass technology. The transparent surfaces allow natural light to flood in. When the need for a shade or privacy arises, the tint activates with a quick toggle of the settings.

RUMA says they can also configure some areas as meeting rooms for owners who want to conduct business while at sea. If you’re spending for something this grand, going for a bespoke trim is probably best.

The emission-free catamaran stores hydrogen in two tanks – one on each side. PEM fuel cells, electric motors, power electronics, and switchboards reside within the hulls.

Aside from the images, we’re still waiting for RUMA to share more details about it. So far, the MIGMA boasts a spacious deck, lavish accommodations for up to two families, cutting-edge controls, and eco-friendly propulsion.

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Images courtesy of Ruma