Engineers and designers continue to push EV technology forward. Eventually, this will benefit consumers as more manufacturers switch to electric platforms. Aside from Tesla and established car brands, startups are shaking up the industry with even more groundbreaking rides. As for the maritime segment, most ships still rely on engines that run on fossil fuel. That could soon change when ideas like the Sunbeam ConceptONE and others like it become reality.

Maximilian Troicher and Anja Didrichons are the co-designers behind this exciting watercraft. The Sunbeam ConceptONE is an all-electric catamaran that would hopefully be the first of many in the future. As pointed out earlier, the propulsion will come from a zero-emission system. We are yet to learn about the specifics, but the thought of an eco-friendly solution for enthusiasts.

As long as the weather is favorable, solar panels in strategic location across the ship should keep the batteries in good shape. Although it was not indicated, we’re guessing the sail is not only for show. Owners should be able to harness the wind when available and switch to its electric motors when applicable. It appears the sunbeam ConceptONE tries its best to live up to the name.

Not all the good stuff can be found above deck as well. From what sources claim, this vessel maximizes the space inside in an impressive way. You can find an office, a galley, a bathroom and bedrooms. The Sunbeam ConceptONE also has a retractable aft deck for swimming. Furthermore, the rear section of each hull opens up to reveal a charging/storage areas for electric motorcycles.

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Images courtesy of Maximilian Troicher/Anja Didrichons