Months of staying at home due to the pandemic were made bearable thanks to the selection of entertainment options we have. Some of us here binge-watched TV shows and movies, others played video games, while the rest indulged in tunes. The selection available on Netflix and other platforms is great. Meanwhile, Sony and Microsoft officially launched the PS5 and Xbox Series X respectively which is great for gamers. Audio aficionados, on the other hand, should check out the R3 from Ruark Audio.

Depending on you your preference, headphones or earphones might be the way to go. Others who want to blast their music for everyone else to hear should consider a music system instead. Ruark Audio caters to that need with its compact retrofuturistic R3. Moreover, the overall presentation makes finding a place for it anywhere around your home effortless.

So, what does it do differently from your average smart speaker? Well for one thing it supports practically all types of audio. What it means is the R3 can play music via Wi-Fi, USB, CDs, Bluetooth, Radio. Moreover, the ports it comes with ensures that owners can connect various sources and output it directly from the integrated stereo speakers.

To help you out and check if fits on where you plan to have it, the R3 measures 16.5 inches wide, 6.6 inches high, and 8.7 inches deep. Ruark Audio is offering it in two finishes: Rich Walnut or Soft Grey, which mean you need to plan ahead so it would match your décor. The whole thing weighs 12.6 lbs and is supported by two metal feet that keep it at an angle. Finally, the OLED display and disc slot sits in the middle of the front’s fabric cover.

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Images courtesy of Ruark Audio