When you’re a car guy and regular high-end audio product just don’t cut it, we just hope that you’re a fan of a certain high-performance German marque. Even if you aren’t, let’s just agree that this automotive-inspired soundbar looks stunning in its all-black presentation. Not only does its show establish the fact that you’re a regular gearhead, but it should also impress those who lay eyes upon it as well. Porsche Design gives us the 911 Soundbar Black Edition which retails for $4,250.

For those who collect items related to the iconic emblem, this is a must-buy. That is, if you are willing to pay for the premium price. Similar to the quality of the vehicles that roll out of their factories in Stuttgart, Germany, audiophiles would find it meets their standards. As the name implies, Porsche Design sources the components from the original rear silencer and tailpipe of the 911 GT3.

With 200 watts of system power at its disposal, listeners can expect outstanding acoustic fidelity. As for connectivity, 911 Soundbar Black Edition owners can choose between an analog input, digital (optical and coaxial), or Bluetooth. It boasts support for DTS TruSurround technology as well as aptX for wireless loss-free playback.

The 911 Soundbar Black Edition is crafted out of 50% stainless steel and 50% medium-density fiberboard all coated in a sinister black colorway. It measures 280 mm x 740 mm x 206 mm and weight approximately 19 kg. This makes it a solid and durable device perfect to have in your living room, man cave, or garage. Only 911 units are available and each comes with a plaque that bears the sequential limited edition number.

But it now – $4,250

Images courtesy of Porsche