Bang & Olufsen continues to drop even more premium products before 2020 draws to a close to the delight of its fans. In fact, we have been featuring some of its new releases lately. The Beolit 20 is a welcome addition to its catalogue of portable audio products. As always, we remind you not to underestimate some of the smaller speakers out there. These bad boys often pack a mean acoustic punch which could catch folks by surprise.

Now that you have been given fair warning, the Beolit 20 a substantial upgrade over the outgoing model. Aside from its new features, Bang & Olufsen is keeping what matters the most. Due to the design, it is difficult to tell apart from the 2017 version. At first, we were wondering why the manufacturer was sticking with the look.

Nevertheless, upon closer inspection, it’s easy to tell which is which. What gives it away are the new colorways: Black Anthracite and Grey Mist. This means it still sports the same omnidirectional audio output like its predecessors. From all angles, its anodized aluminum body, robust polymer base, and vegetable-tanned leather strap remind us of the top-shelf craftsmanship that goes into each Beolit 20.

Bang & Olufsen packs cutting edge technology into a 135 mm x 230 mm x 189 mm body that weighs 2,700 grams. Meanwhile, the 3,200 mAh battery can last up 37 hours at lower volumes and up to 8 hours at regular levels. Furthermore, the Beolit 20 now comes with a 5W wireless charging area on the top section. This is a welcome addition that a modern smartphone user will surely appreciate.

Make it yours – $500

Image courtesy of Bang & Olufsen