Those who live by the motto “money can’t buy happiness” are probably just not aware of all the cool stuff you can have access to. It’s time for people to accept that with an inexhaustible cashflow, the perks that go with it are beyond compare. For example, take this bespoke Black Badge Cullinan commissioned by Google VP of Engineering Ben Sloss. This Rolls-Royce is the latest addition to his growing automotive collection.

The first thing you’ll notice is the Pikes Peak Blue coat. Likewise, a Forge Yellow pinstripe is visible through the length of the Black Badge Cullinan along the beltline. All four wheels have a yellow ring around the silver Rolls-Royce badge with the brake calipers in the same coat of paint.

The shade of deep blue with yellow trims extends to the interior of the luxurious machine. The color combo is present on the leather upholstery of the seats, dash, and most other surfaces. Even the door pockets are in bright yellow, which gives it an eye-catching contrast.

Equally notable is the aforementioned motif on the customized clock. It’s easy to miss, but the doors of this Black Badge Cullinan features a personal embroidered leather logo of a stiletto heel. Rolls-Royce says it was requested for Sloss’s significant other, who is reportedly also into her husband’s love of motorsports and vehicles.

Sloss has been with the internet search giant for about 17 years. Given his position in one of the world’s most valuable companies, Rolls-Royce would gladly cater to whatever he needs. His exclusive Black Badge Cullinan is a testament to that we suppose.

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Images courtesy of Rolls-Royce