For those of you who have been blessed with musical talents, first of all, congratulations you are already leagues cooler than most folk. Perhaps among the available instruments, the guitar is the most recognizable. Many people claim it is the easiest to pick and learn, which probably enhances its appeal. However, tuning one according to what the song needs takes time to master and a good ear as well. In your quest to become proficient, Band Industries offers a cool device called the Roadie 3.

Many of the world’s most popular musicians rely on their actual road crew or roadies in some circles. These are the staff that ensure everything is in working order and instruments are properly tuned. Embracing this concept, the manufacturer is taking everything the previous generation models have and giving it some upgrades.

For those wondering, the Roadie 3 is a portable automatic instrument tuner that boasts impressive accuracy. Not only does it adjust the strings according to what the user needs, but it also handles it quicker than the conventional method. Using cutting-edge tech and algorithms, this is a great example of how tech makes everything better.

As long as your gear uses pegs, this handy gadget is here to help. While most audio-based tuners are good enough, there are a few caveats. It becomes difficult when there is a lot of background noise and it also requires some elbow grease. The Roadie 3 relies on the vibrations to make the appropriate adjustments with the help of its powerful motor. It features a full-color display and ergonomic grip to make tuning a breeze.

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Images courtesy of Band Industries