When crafting musical instruments, manufacturers usually stick with traditional materials. However, advancements in production technology now open the door for cutting-edge creativity. Therefore, thanks to the properties of non-conventional components, designers can go a little overboard on occasion. Thankfully, this is not the case with the Lava Me Pro guitar as it drops wood in favor of classier alternatives. As the name implies, Lava Music is marketing it for performers who call the stage home.

While certain musicians would swear that acoustic and electric guitars that use wood sound better. There is solid science that backs this up, but it’s not really a sustainable option. As such, The Lava Me Pro flaunts an AirCarbon soundboard, carbon fiber body, and aluminum neck connection structure. This assures the eco-conscious among you that your purchase is a small step in favor of nature.

Aside from the cool construction, the Lava Me Pro comes with high-end features. One is the outstanding preamp system. What makes it possible is the partnership with L.R. Baggs. Every gig would benefit from the top-notch acoustic performance. The L2 Pro boasts built-in effects that can apparently replace your pedalboard.

Other notable functions on the Lava Me Pro include Tap-Tempo delay, Turbo Mode, Mix-Control, and FreeBoost among others. Given the type of carbon fiber it uses, it is 25-percent lighter. Additionally, the guitar is weatherproof for superior durability in any condition. Lava Music certainly shows that they know their stuff. For $1,399, you are getting a solid instrument in either Black/Gold or Space Gray colorways.