Men’s Gear loves to give our readers the latest and the best stuff we stumble upon each day. Lately, we’ve been seeing an upsurge of armored vehicles show up on our radar. Lately, we’re loving the latest model from Rezvani – the Tank X – a 1,000-horsepower behemoth. The Arquus Scarabee is actually even better, but it’s currently exclusive for military use. However, the arrival of the Ramsmobile RM-X2 makes us want to reevaluate our opinion.

Making its debut at the 2019 IAA Frankfurt International Motor Show, this intimidating piece of machinery is not joking around. Ramsmobile is a manufacturer from Belarus that wants to redefine personal safety on the road. The RM-X2 is a modern platform that provides ultimate protection along with exceptional comfort.

To put it simply, we’re looking at a moving fortress of luxury that keeps its occupants away from all manner of threats. Moreover, we’re hearing talk that the vehicle is also amphibious, which makes it an enticing option for certain clientele. Ramsmobile calls its multi-purpose hypercar and covers it with B7-level armor to ward off any attack. To top it all off, carbon fiber adds a sleek and stylish finish.

Buyers can go for a 6.2-liter Corvette ZR-1 LS V8 engine. Or a 6.6-liter GM Duramax diesel V8. The company is listing the output at 999-horsepower – an impressive number which eclipses that of most SUVs. The RM-X2 touts scissor doors with hinges on the rear to give it a unique profile when open. Inside you’ll see plush leather upholstery with red lighting.

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Images courtesy of Ramsmobile