Volvo is certainly bringing out the big guns as its sub-brand showcases its new combat-ready transport. Making its debut at the Paris Air Show 2019 at Le Bourget, the Arquus Scarabee is one mean ride you don’t want to mess with. We’re looking at a rugged 4×4 that flaunts ballistic armor, mine protection, and an adjustable ground clearance system. Now, the company is introducing something awesome for its regular customers with the new Volvo XC90 Armored.

Showcasing its military-grade prowess, the carmaker is taking a regular XC90 and tweaking its spec sheet a little bit. The name is already and dead giveaway because this capable SUV now sports next-level protection. We’re talking about a machine that boasts top-notch protection from explosives and gunfire. To be more specific the vehicle is parading a VPAM VR8 certification, which should put whoever is riding inside at ease. Those who want to own it can place their pre-orders now with deliveries expected before the year ends.

Going into detail, what we’re seeing here is 0.39-inch high-strength steel armor plating. Additionally, the windows are using ballistic glass about 1.96 inches thick. All of these modifications come at a price of an additional 3,089 lbs of weight on top. Nonetheless, the suspension and brakes are likewise receiving upgrades to manage the heavier setup. The Volvo XC90 Armored owes all of it’s top-tier improvements to a collaboration with TRASCO Bremen GmbH. What’s remarkable about this model is the fact that it discreetly resembles the stock version of the high-performance SUV.

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Images courtesy of Volvo