After a period of silence from Rezvani, it made a big splash with a 6-wheeled pickup truck which was exactly what its fans wanted to see. After giving upgrading giving its Tank a tactical upgrade, its ready to do the same for its latest platform. Here is the Hercules 6×6 Military Edition and it packs all of the goodies certain clientele love to have with their vehicles. As with previous releases from the company, this is one machine you don’t want to mess with.

While at first glance the Military Edition might not be that different from the regular one, but the enhancements that come standard with each unit would put other rides to shame. Specifically, what it offers would even make fictional spies consider its use for their most dangerous missions. The range-topping configuration packs 1,300 horsepower sourced from a 7.0-liter supercharged V8 engine.

It has the capability to practically drive over or through anything in its path. Also, it provides exceptional protection for its occupants. The ballistic armor of the Hercules 6×6 Military Edition can handle all sorts of attacks. High-caliber weapons and assault rifles will have a penetrating this pickup truck. Kevlar covers the fuel tank, radiator, battery, while the underside can withstand explosive damage.

If enemies are in pursuit, a quick press of the smoke screen button should reduce their visibility. Once inside, operators can engage the magnetic lock system and electrify the door handles to prevent entry. Even with all these rugged upgrades, the Hercules 6×6 Military Edition maintains the level of luxury that those who can afford it will enjoy.

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Images courtesy of Rezvani