As a hobby, overlanding often requires a capable machine that can handle many types of terrain. The vehicles of choice among enthusiasts are pickup trucks and SUVs. Instead of pitching a tent, many opt to go for campers. Redtail Overland is offering its RTC with three trims meeting the needs of its clients who own SUVs.

As with any camper installation on an SUV, the RTC will make use of the roof racks. Moreover, Just check with your vehicle’s manufacturer to confirm the load limit. Anyway, Redtail Overland already takes this into consideration and builds its campers out of lightweight materials like carbon fiber.

Also, you can get the RTC in two sizes: RT 90 and RT 110. The folding mechanism of the rooftop camper means that it can fold down flat. Fully closed, the housing should prevent ingress from moisture and dust. This means it’s ready to use right after deployment.

The basic design starts with an insulated composite shell and dual-pane windows. Firstly, clients who want the most affordable trim should choose the Basecamp. This includes a 3-inch mattress, screens, shades, upholstered walls, an upholstered headliner, and a telescoping ladder.

A step above is the Ascent which has all of the RTC Basecamp’s amenities plus more. With this trim, you’re getting solar panels, integrated lithium-ion batteries. You’re getting interior/exterior LED lighting, a large variable-speed fan, and USB ports for charging.

Finally, the range-topping bundle has everything from the first two with even more upgrades. The Summit boasts an extra solar panel, a bigger battery capacity, a 110V inverter with outlets, an AC battery charger, and the interior upholstery of your choice. Redtail Overland even offers an optional floor hatch for vehicles with a sunroof or pass-through.

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Images courtesy of Redtail Overland