The Redtail Overland Rooftop Camper takes off-grid adventures to new heights. It provides the convenience of a camper and rooftop tent in one high-tech camping solution that’s not only lightweight but also easy to set up.

Forget setting up camp on the ground and risk bear encounters in the wild. Instead, pack on this outdoor gear for a safe and relaxing time. This camper packs all the utility you need thanks to solar panels that give you up to 330W of power and the 60 Amp Hour lithium battery pack. These powers up the dimmable interior and exterior LED lights which you can control with your phone and allow you to charge your mobile devices through integrated USB and 110 ports.

Moreover, it comes with a quiet diesel-run heater to warm up cold nights and cool off humid temperatures with a large speed fan and massive airflow. The Redtail Overland Rooftop Camper makes you feel at home with the addition of a plush foam mattress and upholstered walls. For safety and security, the doors and the dual-pane impact resistant polycarbonate windows lock from inside or out while shade guards and screens protect against bugs.

Not to mention, the fully hard-sided carbon fiber construction of the Redtail Overland Rooftop Camper guarantees durability and protection when in the wilderness. The carbon fiber also means this camper is light and easy to pack and unpack. It only takes a push of a button and 30 seconds to set up camp. The hinged walls, on the other hand, allow for quick packing because they fold on themselves.

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Images courtesy of Redtail Overland