We have been happily talking about how the automotive industry is bracing for a big change soon. Of course, what we mean is the gradual transition from fossil fuels to battery power. Those of us who prefer their rides to stay the same way will need to eventually adapt. It’s fascinating to look back later on and wonder why we have not shifted to the cleaner alternative sooner. After regularly featuring all-electric automobiles, it’s about time we present something else. The ERV Hyper is another exciting preview of an emission-free future.

As electric vehicles are slowly going mainstream, other products related to transportation are adapting to meet the demand. We were recently showcasing the Unicat MD56c, which was a German expedition-tier RV that maximizes energy usage with the help of solar panels. In a similar fashion, ERV is equipping the Hyper with an innovative design to take advantage of the surface space on top.

It will be a while before the Tesla Cybertruck becomes commercially available. Nevertheless, the Hyper appears to be an eco-friendly head start from ERV. The Australian company is outfitting the camper with 2,300-watt solar panel system with a 5,000-watt inverter. This allows owners to use appliances and more that rely on AC power.

For a more reliable backup when it gets dark or on cloudy days, the Hyper packs 14-kilowatt-hour battery. ERV throws in a microwave, a refrigerator, an electric barbecue, and a heater for the water. Other creature comforts include a full-padded 3-piece bed head, Sirroco fans in the bedroom, and a pillow top/inner spring mattress. We can’t wait to see more fully electric models like this soon.

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Images courtesy of ERV