This gorgeous eco resort would live on New York City’s remote Rat Island if it ever becomes more than a concept. A proposal by Jendretzki Design, the plan puts prefabricated gabled cabins on this remote location. It features large glass facades littered along the island’s edge to provide breathtaking views of the ocean. The off-grid resort’s cabins and buildings would use zero-energy, running only on solar and wind power. The carbon-neutral structures would also have rainwater collection systems for potable and service waters.

Rat Island actually exists, by the way. Belonging to a private owner, the landmark spans 2.5 acres and is located just off of City Island Harbor and the greater Long Island sound. The ground is mostly Manhattan schist bedrock, but it’s got an interesting history — this was once home to a quarantine hospital during the typhoid fever panic in the 1800s. There are no buildings here at the moment, though. Probably because water engulfs the whole island during high tide.

Despite such woes, Pablo Jendretzki remains confident the remote island would make the perfect spot for an eco retreat. As for the high tide, he says there’s a small canal penetrating through the island carved out of rocks about 100 years ago. The firm incorporated this into its concept so canoes and small boats can still reach the island even during high tide.

Due to its perilous location, all the structures must have concrete brace foundations. The design also dictates the piers be bolted directly into the landscape. Sadly, this merely is a concept at the moment. However, the firm is presently conducting zoning analysis to determine if it can be done.


Photos courtesy of Jendretzki Design