When the Apple Watch Series 4 made its debut it brought several outstanding features to the table. Aside from the built-in electrocardiogram (ECG), its Fall Detection was perhaps the most useful function that has already saved countless lives. The latter allows the smartwatch to contact emergency services the moment it detects a hard impact. Given that those who ride motorcycles are at a higher risk of severe injuries during an accident, one company could have the answer. Quintessential Design presents an innovative gear to protect and hopefully save lives.

The manufacturer, which also goes by Quin Design, offers three high-tech helmet models. This includes the premium full-face Ghost, the mid-range full-face Spitfire, and a retro-style 3/4 McQ. In our opinion, it does not really matter which one you choose, because all variants look cool in their own way. Aside from the stylish design, within its reliable shell is innovative tech that would help in an emergency.

Earlier we were using the Apple Watch as an example because Quintessential Design is promising a similar feature. In the event of a crash, the helmet’s sensors will register the event and determine if the rider is responsive. The Intelliquin System will then contact paramedics and the designated emergency contact person assigned by the user.

Moreover, the S.O.S. Beacon mode activates real-time location tracking for those who might need help in certain situations. Quintessential Design makes it easy to activate with a just a triple tap of the call button. All helmet models boast a robust construction with a dual-density lightweight polystyrene liner that uses a proprietary ConeHead construction. This apparently protects the wearer from direct and rotational impacts without compromise to comfort.

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Images courtesy of Quintessential Design