Here comes Fox Racing with another cutting-edge addition to its motocross apparel lineup. The V3 Solids Helmet, which isn’t just a doddy rehash of its predecessor, but a complete overhaul.

The tech-rich update brings a handful of revolutionary features like Fluid Inside and MVRS. Since Fox Racing’s helmets are worn by professional racers all over the world, there really shouldn’t be any question about this new gear. But in case you’re aching for details, let’s get into it.

First off, safety. The Fox Racing V3 Solids Helmet sports a litany of new features to ensure the rider is always in tip-top shape. The aforementioned Fluid Inside will protect against strong impacts. Fox Racing claims that it’s the most reliable impact protection system to date. It’s engineered to enhance the rider’s safety by emulating the Cerebral Spinal Fluid. That’s the body’s natural protection, in case you didn’t know.

More specifically, it works with your CSF to improve the absorption of impact energy, reducing the potential of concussive brain injuries.

The helmet also brings second-generation Magnetic Visor Release System to the fold, otherwise known as MVRS. This time around it’s got more roost resistance and a refined release control. As a result, it can better mitigate external rotational forces at play when racing.

The fox Racing V3 Solids Helmet also features a dual-density Varizord EPS liner, which provides improved protection by spreading the forces of impact across a wider surface area.

The helmet will comes in a couple of colorways — white and black — and retails for $500. That’s a small price to pay for something so robust, well-designed, and feature-rich.