As the world moves toward modernization, so does the need for sustainability. Vehicles that aid in the preservation of Mother Nature is becoming a trend with e-bikes and Tesla’s gaining popularity the most. The Punch E-Bike by designer Artem Smirnovis is one sustainable motorcycle as it has zero emission.

Compact, sleek, elegant, robust, and masculine. These best describes this bike concept from its outside perspective. Its design is as straightforward as it can get with its important parts out there for everyone to admire. It has a double cylindrical body that runs from headlight to taillight and a chest-shaped fuel tank. It has fewer moving parts and the gears, screws, springs, and other machineries become a conversation piece because of their beauty.

The Punch E-Bike is not just about elegance and beauty though. It is highly reliable, functional, and convenient to use compared to traditional gas-fueled motorcycles. It has high ground clearance, elongated suspension travels, and spoke wheels. Since it’s a zero-emission bike then it means you can park it inside public establishments instead of the outside parking area. It is compact enough to be stored nearly anywhere.

Moreover, being an electric bike, this means it is rechargeable. It features two quick-detachable battery packs that you can power-up at the comfort of your home. No need to rush to the nearest gasoline station or store your own fuel for a power-up. Likewise, electric motor elasticity and acceleration capability make it possible to attain high dynamics with relatively modest power.

The absence of a gearbox also makes it possible for Punch E-Bike riders to follow the throttle grip at any time and any motion path. Smirnov imagines the motorcycle to run up to 110 kilometers.

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Photos courtesy of Artem Smirnovis