A lot of us got our hobbies from the stuff around us when we were young. To illustrate, our parents have a favorite leisure activity, chances are that the kids will likely follow their footsteps. Therefore, our love of automobiles and motorcycles are probably from all the exposure during our childhood. Some of us now have the privilege of mentoring the next generation. A great way to start off is with battery-powered cars or motorbikes. For the latter, we recommend that you check out the Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bike.

We believe that this is a wonderful chance to share your passion for riding with your offspring. First of all, these do not look like a traditional motorcycle. Instead, you’re looking at a two-wheeler that resembles a BMX. Nonetheless, the black and orange colorway gives it an aggressive stance with a sleek shape. The brand’s graphics on the frame, forks, and wheels are subtle but lets everyone else know that your kid is rocking a Harley-Davidson.

To make it easier to drive and handle, the Harley-Davidson Electric Balance Bike uses lightweight aluminum. Additionally, there are two models available for different age groups. The Irone12 is ideal for children 3-5 years old and under 75 lbs. Meanwhile, the Irone16 si great for 5-7-year-olds under 75 lbs. Both options feature a 2Ah lithium-ion battery that’s good for around 30-60 minutes of play. Likewise, parents can adjust the power modes to suit the rider’s skills. We want to see other brands cater to younger enthusiasts in the future.

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Images courtesy of Harley-Davidson