Who knew that crowdfunding pages often hold some of the most interesting products one could hope for? While there are always risks involved when dealing with these types of projects, most eventually turn out to be quite impressive. One that recently caught our attention is the A1 electric bicycle from Annobike. This eco-friendly transport hails from Denmark and might be your next ride. To find out why it’s time we learn more about what it has to offer.

One look at the design, and it’s clear that this is not your average e-bike. Its appearance makes us believe that this can handle more than just urban routes. While most mobility solutions of its kind often try to emulate the aesthetics of a traditional bicycle, the A1 does not. It appears to be intentionally engineered to handle more than one type of terrain. This is a good thing since the path less traveled are often the most fun.

What gives it this dynamic adaptability are a collection of dependable components. For a smooth ride, bicycles both traditional and those with electric motors need a good suspension system. Thankfully, Annobike understands this and uses Exa Form air shocks for the rear with an adjustable rebound. Meanwhile, the dual-crown shocks feature anodized aluminum stanchions with magnesium lower legs.

Effortlessly pushing the A1 forward is a Bafang G06 series brushless motor that ranges from 250 to 750 watts depending on the model. That’s right, Annobike is available in four configurations: Dynamic, Dynamic+, Intense, and Intense+. Each pack different battery capacities with varying mileage, but everything else should be the same.

Learn more about its features: here

Images courtesy of Annobike