Taking a break from digital audio streaming services? If you are and open to suggestions, audiophiles will most likely recommend turntables instead of more convenient formats out there. Pro-Ject might just have the one for those making the switch to analog mediums called the Debut PRO. Its sleek, elegant, and promises exceptional acoustics when playing your records.

This is an exceptional follow up to Pro-Ject’s 2020 Debut Carbon EVO turntable. The lineup now welcomes the Debut PRO as its flagship model for 2021 and its features justify its seat at the top. The company is eager to point out that it uses its new Pick it Pro MM cartridge.

Developed alongside Ortofon, tests laud its high dynamic range. Still, other elements are in play that makes every music listening session a wonderful experience. Pro-Ject likewise highlights the new tonearm of the Debut PRO. It’s a one-piece carbon-aluminum construction that is compatible with high-end MC cartridges.

To give users complete control over their turntable, the tonearm’s azimuth and vertical tracking angle (VTA) is adjustable. This allows you to try out other cartridges and mats to find that sweet spot. It promises precision via its electric motor and belt-drive system as you switch between three speed settings.

Vibrations can be a nuisance, which is why the aluminum platter dampens it out with a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) ring. Not all surfaces are even so each metal feet of the Debut PRO are height adjustable as well. Pro-Ject plans to ship all orders a few months from now.

Buy – $899

Images courtesy of Pro-Ject