Just like our love for vintage cars, companies recognize a growing demand for products that evoke nostalgia. This allows brands such as Nokia, Lamborghini, and Hasselblad – to name a few – to release modern remakes of beloved classics. The PORTER x G-SHOCK AWM-500GC-1A is Casio’s stylish tribute to the Japanese watchmaker’s first-ever analog-digital model that came out in 1989.

Enthusiasts have always associated G-SHOCK watches with digital displays and resin cases. In fact, Casio has kept it that way for years until advancements in manufacturing and technology saw the introduction of more premium materials.

The AWM-500GC-1A manages to keep the aesthetics true to the original but welcomes a classier upgrade. All of the elements that define a G-SHOCK’s toughness are still there. Moreover, Yoshida & Co. under their PORTER label supply a bespoke carrying case to denote its collaboration with Casio.

Stainless steel with a coat of black DLC is the metal of choice for this robust timepiece. You’ll see it on the 51.8-mm x 44.5-mm x 14.2-mm (L x W x D) case, bezel, and bracelet. We love the satin polish of its finish and how the light plays across the surfaces of the AWM-500GC-1A as your wrist moves.

On the dial is the original shock resistance graph printed in gold with the digital window just below it. Skeleton hands in red and gold provide the analog timekeeping functionality for the hour and minutes respectively. PORTER likewise mimics these elements on the bag’s zippers and graphics.

The PORTER X G-SHOCK AWM-500GC-1A is not only banking on durability. A full charge of its batteries even without exposure to sunlight will last up to 11 months. Turn on the power save function and that more than doubles to a whopping 28 months.

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Images courtesy of Casio