We’re no strangers to special collaborations between watchmakers and video game companies. In fact, TAG Heuer recently shook hands with Nintendo to feature their iconic mascot with the Connected x Super Mario. Capcom also promoted Street Fighter V on the Seiko 5. It’s time to take a trip down memory lane with Casio and PAC-MAN for the A100WEPC-1B.

Back when arcades were at the peak of their popularity, Namco’s (now Bandai Namco) hit was guzzling quarters like no tomorrow. Everybody wanted their initials to outrank everyone else for the top score. In fact. Talking about the ghost-gobbling gimmick is giving us flashbacks of the good old days before home consoles took over.

Casio is shipping this nostalgic number in a 40.7 x 32.7 x 9.2-mm resin case. As much as we prefer to showcase sophisticated mechanical timepieces, the A100WEPC-1B deserves some recognition. Capturing the essence of the original game, everything about it is a fantastic tribute to PAC-MAN.

The shiny golden tone frames two sections of the watch face which represent the maze players navigate around in. The top houses an LED-backlit digital LCD for timekeeping, here’s you’ll find the pellet-popping protagonist along with ghosts Blinky and Clyde.

The action continues below where you have four push-buttons alongside Inky and Pinky with a cherry bonus item. As you can see, Casio is paying attention to all the details here. As for the stainless-steel caseback, there’s an engraving of the original PAC-MAN game screen,

Casio completes the look with a black ion-plated bracelet with laser etchings of the game maze, PAC-MAN, and the ghosts. We believe the A100WEPC-1B would make an awesome addition to any watch collection. It’s shipping in special packaging including a display case holding the watch inside.

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Images courtesy of Casio