Are you planning a cross-country adventure anytime soon? If so, do you have all the appropriate gear at your disposal? Also, will your trip involve roughing it out completely or with some creature comforts on hand? These are the questions you might be asking, but Polydrops is telling us that their P17X Explorer is the answer.

Given the stuff this camper trailer brings to the table, we can’t help but agree with the manufacturer. Overlanding is an awesome activity you can share with friends and family. It will likewise test the mettle of your ride and whatever it hauls, which is why heavy-duty quality is essential.

It’s likely your vehicle is already tuned to handle whatever the great outdoors throws its way so let’s talk about the P17X Explorer instead. Even you prefer sleeping under the stars with a campfire blazing and crackling, having another form of shelter should be handy.

Polydrops’ newest model should help people ease into the joys of a nomadic lifestyle. The P17X Explorer sports a polyhedral silhouette that reminds us of the Cybertruck. This seems intentional so that it pairs perfectly with the angular body of Tesla’s emission-free pickup truck.

The P17X Explorer stands 6’ 5” and measures 6’ wide and 13’ 7” long. The camper trailer tips the scales anywhere between 1,200 to 1,600 depending on your gear. The cabin can sleep two adults plus a pet and features air-conditioning and heating.

Pump out your tunes via the Focal Bluetooth speakers for immersive entertainment. Gullwing doors make it easy to enter and exit the camper. Meal preparation should be convenient thanks to the pull-out kitchen system. The P17X Explorer sits on 29” all-terrain tires which gives it a 15” ground clearance.

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Images courtesy of Polydrops