A weekend adventure in the outdoors with a camper hitched to your ride is always a good option. You can always freshen up, have a good full meal and sleep in comfort or under the stars. But a trailer can be burdensome when its weight supersedes its features. But not the Ultimate Toys’ ULTIMATE CAMPER, with its compact size yet well-thought-out modern interior that guarantees you a comfortable ride. 

This sophisticated clamshell-style camper clocks in at 2,500 pounds and measures 15.3 feet long, 7.6 feet wide, and 7.8 feet tall. There’s plenty of space to make it your home away from home especially with its modern amenities. It comes with a 2-burner push-button propane stove, refrigerator, microwave, and stainless steel sink. If you fancy a BBQ then there’s a spacious exterior kitchen mounted in the stern, which comes equipped with a gas grill, removable YETI cooler, sink, and a convenient pass-through window to the interior. 

Moreover, the Ultimate Toys’ ULTIMATE CAMPER has a versatile dinette that can seat a family of five. It also easily converts into a queen-size bed. Then there’s a wall-mounted TV, a shower/cassette toilet combo, and enough glass windows. It even has air conditioning, a multi-speed roof fan, a dual-zone media center, a water management system, an electric water heater, and a 12,000-BTU furnace.  A battery monitor and power switch ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Its vinyl flooring keeps your feet comfortable while custom wood storage for your camping tools adds contemporary appeal. For something compact, this amazing teardrop trailer definitely has a lot to offer. You’d hardly believe it when looking at its exterior alone. Not to mention that a compact or mid-sized SUV can easily tow or maneuver it on the road.

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Images courtesy of Ultimate Toys