If you’ve been brushing up on your music skills amid the pandemic, you’re likely almost playing like the pros. Even if you’re not, don’t give up and practice until it becomes second nature. Ideally, portability makes it even easier to pick up and play anywhere. The Pocket Piano is an innovative device with unique capabilities.

Nobody’s becoming a piano virtuoso overnight, which is why familiarizing your hands with the keys and notes is important. in fact, this is a fundamental starting point for anyone who wants to play professionally. The issue here is that most full-sized pianos, organs, and even electronic keyboards are a hassle to transport.

How the Pocket Piano overcomes the portability problem is via a modular system. This gadget uses powerful magnets to snap together and form an almost full-sized electronic keyboard. That’s because there seems to be one key missing which leaves you with 87 keys to work with.

Nevertheless, to be able to tickle the ivories whenever and wherever is enough to overlook this minor caveat. You start with the main controller module and attach the number of octaves you want. You’re going to need a flat surface to play on though, but this is hardly anything to gripe about. Meanwhile, the two pedals will connect wirelessly which is convenient. Take note that the Pocket Piano does not have integrated speakers.

However, it connects to compatible devices via Bluetooth so you can output audio and toggle its settings. You can even plug in headphones for discreet performances. Once you’re done playing or messing around, just detach the Pocket Piano modules for quick and easy storage. A full charge nets you 4 hours of playtime.

Buy – $854

images courtesy of Pocket Piano