During the lockdown, while many were just looking for ways to kill time, others were brushing up on their skills. Some of us have been picking up instruments and learning the nuances of not sounding bad at all. Meanwhile, one musician was supposedly inspired by his Spam sandwich, which he indulged in just before bedtime after a gig. Taking the empty can which once housed the meal he recently consumed, The Spamp was born.

Those who play the guitar especially the electric model should be familiar with this essential piece of equipment. The novelty behind this amplifier or amp as professionals call it is the fact that it is a hand made model with custom electronics. The Spamp practically has everything one needs to play a compatible instrument of their choice. Perhaps an electronic drum kit to help with the tempo.

The Spamp the creator – Spamp Man – sells commercially is evidently more refined than the original. While still uses an actual Spam can, it is equipped with all the bells and whistles of its conventional counterparts. A belt clip is likewise available to make it easier for performers to carry it around. There is an “Input” and “Output” port for the mono connector (6.3 mm).

Moreover, you also have a “Line In and “Phones” port for 3.5 mm cables. Two dial knobs labelled “Heat” and “Spice” control the tone. Finally, there’s also the toggle switch for “Chilled,” “Fried,” and “Grilled” which are awesome distortion effects. The versatility that comes with it, plus the cool backstory behind its creation, makes the Spamp a great novelty for those who love music.

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Images courtesy of Spamp