Ohad Cohen wants you to use your smartphone like a real camera. Which is why he came up with a peripheral called the Pictar Pro, billed as “the world’s most advanced camera grip for iPhones and Androids.”

The add-on is designed to give your iPhone or Android device more advanced and fine-tuned controls than the basic adjustments you’re stuck with on the stock camera app on your smartphone. Plug it in and you’ll have access to things like white balance, ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Plus a lot more that are often absent out of the box.

A follow-up to the Pictar grip announced in 2016, the Pictar Pro features a satin-finish brass-body. It’s got four larger control wheels and buttons for more efficient one-hand and one-touch operation. There’s also an exposure compensation wheel, a multi-state shutter release, a rocker zoom switch, and a smart wheel for switching between different modes, just like on a standard DSLR.

To be clear, this accessory doesn’t actually turn your smartphone into a DSLR; it doesn’t improve the lens or anything like that. It simply makes your phone behave like one, and gives you near-full control of how you want your image to turn out.

The Pictar Pro works with the Pictar App. This is the control panel where you can find all your options. Play with controls, settings, and other image adjustments you need to take photos as you see fit. And don’t worry about running out of battery. The device features Qi wireless charging that keeps your smartphone juiced during long days of shooting.