In the way of functionality, the fundamental aspect of turntables has remained the same for over a century. Over the years, even as audio technology evolved from analog to digital, there remains a market for vinyl records. Meanwhile, modern manufacturing gives way to even more attractive aesthetics like the one showcased by the K3 from Oswald Mill Audio.

Although the trend these days is to take a minimalist approach when it comes to design, this high-end turntable is built to draw attention. As such, owners should place the device somewhere with a lot of foot traffic. On the other hand, it’s acceptable to have it in your man cave or entertainment room as well.

Oswald Mill Audio is yet to disclose the pricing, but others claim it’s something north of $200,000. Audiophiles will tell you that the remarkable craftsmanship, outstanding performance, and high-end materials that go into each K3 justifies the cost.

From a manufacturing perspective, there’s a lot going on for this turntable. Unlike others of its kind which have your typical outline, Oswald Mill Audio’s new model is one chunky boy. You’ll also notice the striking structure of its tonearm.

Credit goes to Frank Schroder for the use of a cutting edge SLM (Selective Laser Melting) technology to shape the aerospace-grade aluminum alloy into its intricate form. It also uses a heavy-duty direct drive motor system to spin the platter.

The latter comprises a 25-mm main bearing spindle, an inverted bearing, and a pressurized oil column for unparalleled accuracy. Oswald Mill Audio offers the K3 as a standalone turntable with an outboard Xenon tube rectified power supply. You can also get it with a stylish stand that houses the outboard components.

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Images courtesy of Oswald Mill Audio