The Olight Baton Pro Ti flashlight is a high-performance and robust everyday carry for your light needs. It boasts a titanium body and an output of 2000 lumens.

This LED torch operates with a side-switch and on a single 3500mAh 18650 customized rechargeable battery. It uses magnetic USB charging for convenience when on the go. A visual display found on the center of the switch tells you the battery level.

The Olight Baton Pro Ti flashlight delivers a cool white light at a maximum of 2000 lumens for 160 minutes and 600 lumens for over three hours. Likewise, it gives off 120 lumens for 13 hours and 5 lumens for five days. This flashlight even has strobe light that has a max beam intensity of 4350 cd at a max distance of 132 meters.

This portable torch uses a TIR lens that is 28% larger than its predecessors at 18mm in diameter. This results in better light quality that has a soft and balanced beam.


The Olight Baton Pro Ti flashlight uses an active thermal control system to keep your safe from burns. It reduces the output immediately when it reaches the temperature threshold to prevent overheating or damage.

This flashlight is portable at just 4.6 ounces and 4.25 inches long. It features both small squared and rounded textured patterns on its body for a better grip and sophisticated look. It even comes with a dual-directional stainless steel clip so you can attach the torch to your pocket, belt, or anywhere you find it accessible. An added lanyard ups the portability factor of the Olight Baton Pro Ti flashlight.

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Images courtesy of Olight