Ferrari fans might be feeling left out with all the publicity surrounding Lamborghini’s legendary supercar. Not only did the Countach receive a modern revival, but the carmaker even reconstructed a first-generation model from the ground up. Among The Prancing Horse’s prestigious stable, the Testarossa is one of the most iconic among the rides. Hence, Officine Fioravanti caters to fans with a remake.

Although it cannot match the level of authenticity of the 1974 Countach LP 500 reconstruction, the Swiss automotive builder is prepared to get as close as possible. The effort to keep the aesthetics true to the original is outstanding. As for the rest, they’re adding some new upgrades under the hood.

Purists might balk at the idea, but we find this thrilling. This is also a chance for owners of the classic to experience how a Ferrari Testarossa performs and handles in a contemporary scenario. Before modification, the stock 4.9-liter flat-12 engine was good for 380 horsepower to push the Testarossa up to 180 mph. Officine Fioravanti kicks that up to 510 horsepower with 442 lb-ft. These insane numbers break the previous top-speed threshold which now stands at 201 mph.

Furthermore, you have full control as the output is supposedly adjustable. What follows is the improved driving dynamics. Brembo brakes, ABS, traction control, anti-roll bars, and Ohlins dampers, make it happen. The revamp also includes weight reduction to the tune of approximately 265 lbs.

Officine Fioravanti does not neglect the Ferrari Testarossa interior either. The leather upholstery benefits from a refresh, metal hardware replace some of the plastic parts. The best part of it all, you also get a retro Bluetooth-ready car phone replica that pairs with your smartphone to make/receive calls.

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Images courtesy of Officine Fioravanti