o you’re going on a trip. Maybe you’re heading out to tackle the Appalachian trail, or heading the opposite direction to Death Valley and the Grand Canyon. You’re looking for adventure, maybe, or just to clear your head for a while. You’ll have your phone on you just in case. However, you’re wanting to escape the issues of the world and just drive. With wireless car charging mounts, people are able to keep issues at a minimum as they’re free to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Perhaps you’re wanting to take a late-night drive down Main Street with your friends. You’ve all landed jobs in big firms and are looking to celebrate. Someone wants to start playing their jams and you put their phone in the wireless car mount.

Now no one has to think of plugging anything in and you’re good to blast rock n’ roll until dawn. Well, at least until you have to go to bed to prepare for that first big day.

Some might be getting in on the startup craze – you want to try everything your apps will let you do. TaskRabbit, Vayable, Uber, everything’s a-go. However, this may force you to use your phone in the car all day, even just to enjoy the opportunities of the new sharing economy.

This means you’ll constantly be draining your battery. Making sure you whip out your wireless charger means you’ll never miss a beat in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

Wireless car charging mounts are here, and they help make your life much easier. However, with so many brands and options out there, how do you know where to start? Luckily we’ve done the research for you, so sit back, adjust your seat and treat yourself to a roundup of today’s most essential chargers!

What are the main benefits of wireless car charging mounts?

Some might think that wireless car charging mounts are totally unnecessary – just a luxury, at best. A good driver, so the wisdom goes, would be able to navigate the inside of their car with ease. That’s without having to worry about running into wires. We’ve done it for this long, right? Do we really need to get on this bandwagon?

We understand the objections but think of when your phone gets low on battery. Remember those times you were calling someone using Bluetooth or out on a delivery. Those times when you used your GPS directions for hours. It took up tons of battery, but plugging in either got in the way or dropped a call. You might even lose the cord randomly!

Even if you have it on hand, you still have to plug it in quick. However, taking your eyes off the road and towards your phone can be dangerous. Even though nine times out of ten you’re going to be fine, this could all-too-easily lead to disaster.

Especially if you’re on a highway or a city freeway.

The greatest benefit of having a wireless car charger is not having to worry about the inconvenience of wires again. We’re not just talking about those panicky moments when you’re searching for the cord. Even when a car mount is present and you’re plugged in, the wire gets in the way.

Want to turn up the news? The wire’s in the way. Need to activate your emergency lights? That wire, again.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Wireless car charging mounts make things easier and help us imagine a world without loose wires. Gentlemen, the future is now!

What people often overlook when buying wireless car charging mounts?

You’ve bought in, we see. You’re tired of sorting through various wires tangled in your cup holder and you want to just be rid of them for good. You’re already thinking of getting a wireless car charger mount. You might even be looking forward to processing the reviews we’ve written below.

Being the prepared man that you are, now you’re thinking about whether or not there’s something you’re missing. You may be asking if there is anything that people normally overlook when they buy one of these wireless car charging mounts?

If that’s you, we’ve got you covered.

This Isn’t Universal:

If someone’s going to be making a mistake buying a new wireless charger for their car, the main thing they miss is that this isn’t a universal feature for all phones. This is especially an issue for Android users. They’re used to having a universal USB charger (as compared to iPhones).

This means wireless chargers would probably be just as universal, right? Wrong!

The standard tech used by phone manufacturers for wireless charging is called Qi (pronounced “Chee”). In practice, the mounts save up energy they receive wirelessly. Then when the phone’s put into place it gets transferred to the device and converted into battery power.

There used to be a battle between Qi technology and a competing system called Powermat. Of course, Qi won out as Blu-Ray did over HD DVD in the 2000s. That means that you must make sure that you have a phone that’s compatible with a certain charger before going out and buying any wireless car charging mounts.

It’s critical, as it could be a waste if it’s the wrong size. Every major brand has models with built-in Qi tech, so you need to find out if you have one and what type.

Where To Place The Mount:

You have to think about where you’re actually going to be putting your mount. Though we’ll go in-depth more on this later, the placement depends on many factors. It could depend on where it is you’ll be placing it. Some, for example, go onto car vents while other mounts can be sealed to the window.

There are even some that fit on the dash similar to a GPS. At times, multiple options are available so you can choose which version you like.

Of course, the big issue comes down to the ones that have fewer options. With those, it may depend on not only your phone but the vehicle you’re driving too. If you have a broken vent, window, or something similar this can also be an issue. That said, there many considerations on where a car charging mount can go.

More often than not, if you find one that can be used with your phone and car, the box will have all options of placement available listed on it.

The Right Size:

More than just thinking about your phone’s compatibility, you have to make sure you have the right size of wireless car charging mount. Nothing is more embarrassing than not doing your homework on compatibility, installing the thing, and then realizing that your phone is a little too big or a little too small.

While the act may not be an issue, it’s the walk of shame back to the tech station in a major store or at a major tech store that can be life-crushing!

No one needs that kind of stress – measure twice, cut once, as the saying goes. Just don’t cut your devices, please. After all, you would not want them cutting you when THEY get angry, right?

Where is the best place in your car to mount A Charger?

We touched on this in the last question, but the placement of wireless car charging mounts is half the battle for most. One of the most popular places to do so is on the windshield itself. Many models come with a suction cup that’s designed specifically to stick to the glass.

These won’t be moving anywhere once it’s fixed in place, so find a useful spot that’s easy to see. Before you attach your wireless car charging mount, try sitting down in the driver’s seat first. Then get an idea of where it’s easy for your eyes to turn.

You want to find a place that doesn’t require you to turn your head, but also one that doesn’t block your vision of the road. People often choose a little square patch near the lower-center, or anywhere low and close to the dashboard. As with fixing it to the window, make sure you’re sitting in your car first and find a spot that’s convenient for you.

If you have a partner (or other regular drivers) who’s shorter or taller than you, also try to think of them as well.

There are also options for mounting it on the dashboard itself. There are some cup-like devices that stick in a similar way that it does to the class, as well as mounts that use traditional adhesives. You’ll also find modern ones that attach themselves to the air conditioning vents.

The main drawback to attaching things to the dashboard is that it might get in the way if you’re looking to use the radio or reach for your emergency brakes. Just take a minute to figure out what’s going to work for you. Then relax and enjoy all the benefits of wire-free living.

What laws relate to car mounts?

Great, you’ve got all your ducks in order and are looking into wireless car charging mounts for purchase. You’ve chosen to put it on your windshield. This is because you’re a tall man and you don’t like having to crane your neck down towards the dashboard every few seconds to figure out where to turn next.

Sounds great – but did you know that there are certain laws that may make it illegal to mount anything on your windshield? That depends entirely on what country or even what region inside a particular country you’re in at a given moment.

Let’s break down those nations with issues involving wireless car charging mounts and their placement.

United States of America:

Many countries have national laws that apply no matter where inside the country you are. However, the U.S. is very different on this. This is due to each state having a lot of power to design their own laws and way of living that works best for them.

While they have federal laws, states often handle the minor laws. Wireless car charging mounts fall under these state handled rules.

Each state can be divided into three different categories. Those which make window-mounted devices completely illegal, make it entirely legal, and specific places where it has to be mounted.

Legal: Maine, Alaska, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Michigan, Florida, Vermont, Colorado, Mississippi, Illinois, North Carolina, Missouri, North Hampshire.

Legal, but in a special spot: Arizona, Hawaii, California, Minnesota, Indiana, Utah, Nevada, Maryland.

Illegal: Georgia, Oregon, Texas, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Iowa, District of Columbia, Connecticut, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Nebraska, Kentucky, Delaware, South Carolina, Idaho, Montana, Kansas, Virginia, New Jersey, Wyoming, South Dakota, West Virginia, Louisiana, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Alabama, Washington.

United Kingdom:

Laws in the United Kingdom are much more ambiguous. The official wording of the Highway Code is that “windscreens and windows MUST be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision.” However, there are no precise details about what is or is not considered an obstruction.

Most deem it safe to mount a navigation system down low, close to the dashboard.

It is theorized that the law is vague likely for a reason of sorts. However, regardless of its vagueness, you can get into trouble regardless. That is why you need to be careful about where you place it. We advise you consider avoiding the window, but if you do, aim for a very high spot that won’t impair vision.


Taking a trip to Canada, you would be wise to know that different provinces have different laws in a similar fashion as the American system. The main difference is there is that even in places where it is legal to mount a phone charger or device, it must be done in places that don’t obscure vision.

In the lower-left corner, for example. According to the law directly, they can be “non-transparent material.” That means avoiding areas obscuring vision are best.

However, there are still areas where it is both legal and completely illegal.

Legal: Manitoba, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories.

Illegal: Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick.

Like with any responsible trip, do your research on local laws and you’ll do just fine. Yet we must now consider the wonders of which wireless car charging mount to buy for those can legally use them. If that is you, we hope you enjoy our list of the Top 10 Wireless Car Charging Mounts on the market today.

1) Baseus WirelessDrive 1-Air

Model Number

First time searching wireless car charging mounts? The first charger on our list, from the labs at Baseus, is a convenient starter point to get you on your way! It’s compatible with all Qi devices, including the iPhone X & 8, as well as Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Nokia 9, Nexus 5 & 6, among many others.

While many chargers satisfy themselves with a 5W charging speed, the Baseus WirelessDrive 1-Air reaches levels as high as 10W with compatible devices!

It’s also quite an intelligent device. With its Smart Chip technology, it has a ready-built IC chip that detects exactly how much power is going to be necessary. From here, it works to optimize the charging. Additionally, it provides temperature control, voltage protection, as well as other high-level safety features.

It may not be a magnetic wireless charger car mount, but it allows for fast and comfortable adjusting with its two air vent clips. Both also included with each purchase. Pick one that works for your car, lock it, in and attach your phone whenever you need to charge!

Its pivot joint allows for adjusting, so passengers, as well as the driver, can easily slide their phone in whenever things are running low. All in all a solid, this is an accessible vent-mounted wireless charger that works for beginners and long-time users alike.

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  • Connectivity with all Qi-certified devices
  • 5W and 10W wireless charge mode
  • Vent compatible
  • Micro USB port
  • Comes with two clips
  • Non-scratch silicone protection
  • Not windshield compatible
  • Car adapter charger not included


2) Beanco Tech Fast Wireless Car Charger

Beanco Tech
Model Number

If you’re looking for a proper wireless car charging mounts on the market, take a look at Beanco Tech’s model above. Its lightning-fast charging capacity is ideal for most fans. This is especially true for Samsung Galaxy phones, making it the perfect Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S7 car mount wireless charger.

While it might not have the same speed, it also works well to charge a variety of other brands such as iPhone, Nexus, Nokia, HTC, Sony and many more. If it has Qi-certification, then it’ll work with this charger. This makes it perfect for when you’re running low and need some extra juice.

The kind you can then use for playing music, talking hands-free with friends and clients, and locating where you are going on Google Maps.

Coming with a reusable sticky cup, you can mount this sturdy wireless car charger anywhere the surface allows. Don’t like where you put it the first time? Then try it again! It’s versatile enough to be used anywhere in the car and also at home. Think that your home office only needs a traditional standing docket? Let Beanco Tech prove you wrong!

With its gravity induction phone grip, all you have to do is slide your phone in from the top and let gravity do the rest!

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  • Fast charge compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and others
  • Standard charge compatible with iPhone, Nexus, Nokia, HTC, Sony and others
  • Compatible with all Qi-certified smartphones and devices
  • Gravity induction phone grip
  • For home or car use
  • Reusable sticky cup
  • Incompatible with iPhone XS Max
  • QC 2.0 adapt required for a fast charge (not included)


3) Keklle 2 in 1 Wireless Car Charger

Model Number

In the market of wireless car charging mounts, most are not quite sure about where it is that they’re going to be going. This can make it hard to buy the right charging mount, but it’s going to involve most of us.

Considering that you’ll be crossing over state lines and haven’t done all your homework about which ones allow windshield-mounted phone chargers or not? Never fear! The Keklle two-in-one wireless charger is for you! As soon as you want to make the change, you just swap out one mounting frame for another.

You can then turn the device to face the driver, and you’re good to go.

The device is compatible with all Qi-certified phones and devices. Meaning you don’t have to worry about thinking whether your brand will work with the charger. Several other brands do not offer this option.

Potential setbacks are common, especially those like short-circuiting or overheating your phone. You want to avoid them, and the IC Smart Chip that’s built into the charger will already be taking care of most. This allows you to keep paying attention to the road in front of you.

With fast charge capacities of up to 10-Watts, you can rest assured that your phone is getting the recharging it needs. However, it’ll also keep on working no matter what it is you’re in the car to do. Using Google Maps or streaming services for music can deplete your batteries incredibly fast.

This means keeping your phone attached to the charger will make sure your services never get interrupted.

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  • Compatibility with all Qi-certified devices
  • Built-in IC Smart Chip
  • Vent or windshield compatible
  • Fast charge up to 10W
  • 30-day warranty
  • Can heat your phone
  • Does not charge through phone case


4) Lamyik Wireless Car Charger

Model Number

When you’re looking to install any of the wireless car charging mounts on the market, speed isn’t the only thing you need to be thinking about before buying. There’s also the question of how easy it is for drivers to slide their phones into the docket, and how secure the phones are once inside.

With Lamyik’s intuitive, one-hand grip adjustment, you won’t have to be distracted while stabilizing your device ever again!

The lock-release, silicone phone grip protects and stabilizes your device. Their adjustable, two-in-one grip adapter allows for quick switching between being mounted on the vent, the windshield, or dashboard surface. The general non-slip silicone surface also protects your car.

This makes sure there are no scratches from switching between the different modes.

In addition to being compatible with a variety of Qi-certified phones and other devices, this mount has a sophisticated phone cooling system. That means even when your device wants to get a little hot, it has some time to think, and, well, cool off.

This is very important if you’re going to be using your phone for long-term tasks, such as GPS guidance or hands-free conference calling. If you’re on the road a lot, this could be an extremely useful mount to have.

A downside is that its default mode is 5W charging. In order to recharge things faster, there would have to be a connected quick-charge adapter that plugs into the wall. This increases charging speed tremendously, but it isn’t included in the box with the charger itself.

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  • Compatible with all Qi-certified devices
  • Two-in-one grip adapter for vent and windshield
  • Non-slip silicone surface for car protection
  • Phone cooling system
  • Lock-release silicone phone grip
  • Low price
  • Quick charge adapter needed for fast charge mode (not included)
  • Default 5W charging


5) Ellesye Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount

Model Number

When looking to make an investment in any of wireless car charging mounts on the market, it pays to know if it is compatible with Qi-enabled devices. However, it’s still very important to keep in mind that every brand works just as well while charging as every other brand.

Take for example this entry from Ellesye. One might say that Samsung is the best friend of the brand. However, in addition to being able to attach to a wide variety of Galaxy models, it can reach a max output of 10W. That makes it perfect for a wide array of Android phones.

If we compare this with its ability to take an iPhone and charge it up, then we start to see where there might be a bit less constancy than desired. For iPhone users, there’s going to be a max charge output of about 7.5W total.

This might be because of the single coil that it uses to discharge energy, as compared to the two or three coils that other models in the Ellesye line possess. However, this is still a nice speed and power for a charger.

On the other hand, these entry-level Ellesye wireless car charging mounts are very reasonably priced. They also include additional adapters, something most other models even here do not do. They are able to switch with ease between being mounted on the windshield or dashboard surface.

However, they are not compatible with vent mounting. This is an ideal pick for Samsung owners who live in a state that doesn’t penalize for windshield mounting.

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  • Compatible for all Qi-compliant devices
  • Max output for Samsung Galaxy: 10W
  • Windshield or surface compatible
  • 2A adapter included
  • One hand operation
  • Only a single coil (as compared to 2 or 3) for charging
  • Max output for iPhone: 7.5W
  • Not vent compatible


6) Torras Wireless Charger Car Mount

Model Number

If you’re looking to install your first (or latest) of any of the wireless car charging mounts on the market today, taking a glance at this Torras model is a must. Compatible with all Qi-certified devices, you’ll find that no matter your model or make, your phone will find a home in this docket.

Whether you’re wanting to leave it on to provide you and your passengers with various services, or whether you’re just wanting to keep it charged for the next time you step out of the vehicle. Wireless charging in your car gives both freedom and peace of mind.

This Torras model is one of the best at providing it.

Samsung carriers rejoice! This mount is designed especially for you. With Samsung’s deep compatibility with universal devices, it’s able to take in as much as 10W of charging power while connected. This is also possible for other Android-enabled devices.

Apple users, however, might feel a tad snubbed. A connected iPhone can still receive as much as 7.5W of juice – that’s half still more than the average 5W wireless charger. This model is still very much an iPhone 8 or an iPhone X wireless charger car mount.

This is also an ideal choice for drivers who don’t like the idea of mounting a wireless charging device in their air conditioning vents. The sticky pad in this model attaches just as well to both windshields and to dashboard services. Just make sure you pay attention to regulations when you mount it!

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  • Compatible with Qi-certified devices
  • Optimized for Samsung phones and Android devices
  • Comprehensive grip fit
  • Windshield and dashboard compatible
  • Low price
  • 18-month warranty
  • Longer charge time for iPhone
  • Not vent compatible


7) USMAS Qi Wireless Magnet Car Charger

Model Number

Many of the models on this list have solid grips that wrap around your telephone. This is optimal when you need to make sure that it’s in a stable place. No one needs a device that shakes or flies off at the first stretch of bumpy road.

On the other hand, it makes it much more difficult if somebody needs to remove the device from the docket while the car is in motion. While it might be a dangerous thing to do at all, it is made even more uncomfortable by the difficulty it takes to actually remove the device itself.

This is especially so for the driver attempting to do so.

With the magnet-based technology offered by these wireless car charging mounts from USMAS, that won’t be any kind of problem. With a magnet strip that fixes itself solidly to the back of your phone, it takes only a second to mount or remove it from the docket.

It can even be attached to the back of your phone’s case – although optimum charging would be disrupted if the case is more than 3mm thick.

The one thing to remember about this model is that its quick-charging capacities are optimized for Samsung Galaxy models. Meanwhile, iPhones, as well as non-Samsung Android devices, will still have a higher-than-average charging time.

That’s even if they’re not at the levels a Samsung phone will reach.

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  • Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices
  • Optimized for Samsung Galaxy models
  • Quick-grab, magnetic grip
  • Micro USB cable included
  • Strong stabilizing grip
  • 12-month warranty
  • Magnet can only hold up to 7oz
  • Not windshield or dashboard mountable
  • Not optimized for iPhone and many Android devices


8) WiLEES Automatic Wireless Charger Mount

Model Number

Many of the items on this list have been identified as more conducive to charging Samsung Galaxy models, taking precedence over Apple products. Even other devices that sport an Android operating system. Refreshingly, these wireless car charging mounts from WiLEES corrects this imbalance.

It creates a product that, while certainly more than able to fully charge Android products, makes a special case for quick-charging iPhones.

Its solid frame is also something to land a fist pump for. Many frames boast gravity-enabled grip mechanisms and are usually just slide-in, slide-out affairs. That is not so with this WiLEES model. As soon as you bring your phone close, its infrared sensors pick it up and begin to open the side flaps.

Once you place it on the anti-slip mat (thick and three-sided to boot!), the sides will close and give your phone optimal stability. Perfect for going out roaring on country roads, or taking things off-road, for that matter.

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  • Compatible with all Qi-certified phones and devices
  • Optimized for iPhone charging
  • One-touch release mechanism
  • Strong, adjustable grip
  • Upgraded independent copper coil for optimal charging
  • Air vent compatible
  • Speciality cases disrupt charging abilities
  • Not optimized for Android device charging
  • Not windshield or dashboard compatible


9) CHOETECH Wireless Car Charger

Model Number

If you’re looking for wireless car charging mounts that are tough and sturdy with universal compatibility on all devices that are certified with Qi-tech, check out CHOETECH’s wireless charger! Any device will sit comfortably in the docket, and most devices equipped with Android will enjoy a charging speed of 5W.

Do you have an HTC? Talking to clients on a Nokia? Slip them in and watch the power surge! Even better, if you’re an Apple toter, then you’ll be enjoying charge rates of up to 7.5W. This is an ideal iPhone 8 or iPhone X wireless charger for the car indeed!

Finally, for the users of Samsung Galaxy products, you’ll be getting the biggest bang for your buck. That is an amazing charging rate of up to 10W total.

Not sure if this one is right for you? That’s okay because CHOETECH has a hassle-free, 18-month warranty. Their customer service policy is also tremendous. No matter when you call them, you’re guaranteed to receive a response in up to 12 hours. Now that’s service!

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  • Compatible with all Qi-certified devices
  • Optimized for Samsung Galaxy (10W)
  • USB A to C cable included
  • 360° flexibility
  • For use in car and at home
  • 18-month warranty and 12-hour response customer service
  • Certain devices (iPhone 7, Galaxy S5 an others) require additional receiver
  • Not optimized for iPhone (7.5W)
  • Not optimized for other Qi-certified devices (5W)


10) Squish Wireless Car Charger

Model Number

This two-in-one charger from Squish, like many other entries in this list, combine a wireless charger and a phone mount together. Its stabilizing clamp system automatically fits the dimensions of your phone as soon as you place it inside.

Combined with a rotating cradle that faces all directions, this gives you an extremely comfortable, incredibly intuitive experience.

No more craning your neck to see directions while driving!

With a maximum of 10W charging power, the one-second connectivity this docket allows gives any phone the charge that it needs to keep going through your commute. With a Smart Chip built into the structure (under a wrap of copper coiling), the device regulates the current and charge according to your phone’s standards.

Add to that the anti-slip and anti-scratch rubber lining the base pads, these wireless car charging mounts have a safe and secure grip. They simply won’t let go of your phone even on the bumpiest roads. Unless you want it to let go, of course – then you can release it with an easy touch of your hand.

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  • Compatibility with all Qi-certified devices
  • Smart Dual Chip
  • Windshield and dashboard compatible
  • Air vent compatible
  • One-hand operation mounting
  • 10W fast charging capacity
  • Some phone cases cause interference
  • Can be damaged by nearby metal


Ride On

No matter whether they’re on vacation or on their way to work, everyone can see their car as a kind of escape. A moment where all there’s just movement, speed, and music. No one to disturbs you, you can finally be alone with your thoughts.

The thought of a phone depleting all of its power might be one of these disturbances. This is especially true if you’re listening to a great new track or keeping on top of your list of podcasts. However, with wireless car charging mounts available, there is no excuse to continue this hassle. You simply don’t have to anymore.

With the wire-free aspect, you’ll be able to move freely in your own car again. No more trying to avoid spare USB cables when you’re reaching for a drink or spare change at the drive-thru. With any of these wireless car charging mount, you’ll be ready to lock and load.

Just as every man is unique, he’ll have his own taste in devices. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Apple fan keeping on top of all the latest releases and patches. There’s no problem being an Android user loving the universality of the platform. It’s even cool to be a Samsung die-hard glad to be able to support the industry.

Regardless of your affiliation, there’s a charging platform that’s made with you in mind. With a quick look at our wireless car charging mounts review, you’ll be able to cut through the spin and pick the products that will truly make a difference in your day-to-day.

With that, here’s to your next trip! We can hope and assume it’ll be much better. Now that you’re equipped with knowledge on the wireless car charging mounts, you’ll be prepared for wherever you go next.