Even with all the new action cameras around, GoPro is still the top choice for adventurous souls. As of now, the only brand that comes close is DJI with its advanced imaging systems. However, that might soon change as we welcome a thrilling upstart. The OCLU boasts a sleeker profile than most of its competitors.

Likewise, the form factor it comes with looks absolutely aerodynamic, which is a good thing for most extreme activities. So let’s take a closer look at what this device brings to the table. Existing users who have already invested a lot on GoPro mounts and accessories need not despair. The OCLU action camera is apparently compatible with most of the stuff you have on hand.

Using a standard tripod screw is a brilliant move for the company to entice existing consumers to make the switch. The 12-megapixel camera can record 4K footage at 30 fps. Additionally, you can boost it up to 120 fps in exchange for HD-resolution videos instead.

On its own, the OCLU action camera is IPX7 water-resistant. For ultimate protection against moisture, you can grab the optional OcShell waterproof case. This seems to be the only downside on the spec sheet, given that GoPro and DJI can withstand more even without the housing.

Nevertheless, the OCLU sports a magnetic charging port and interchangeable 1,000 mAh batteries to keep up with all the action. Another cool function is the LiveCut editing function. This allows you to quickly cut unwanted footage on the go so you can flaunt your highlight reel anywhere and anytime.

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Images courtesy of OCLU