The NYDE Studio Diagonal Dwelling defies the norms when it comes to standard and ready-made cabins. It features a diagonal construction specifically designed to enhanced guests’ experience with nature.

The design offers guests a three-leveled view of their outside scenery to make them feel connected to the scenery. The diagonal design also allows for optimal solar panel support and gives the illusion that you are floating above the surface.

The NYDE Studio Diagonal Dwelling tips at a 55-degree angle for more floor space but with minimal ground footprint. It maximizes human function instead and gives space for the addition of home essentials for a comfortable cabin living. This structure comes equipped with more luxuries than a standard hotel suite. It has a compact kitchenette, a bedroom with a mini-bar, and a scenic hot tub. It also has an elevated terrace so you can enjoy the sights and sounds coming from your scenery. There is also a living space equipped with a fireplace and a day bed.

Moreover, the NYDE Studio Diagonal Dwelling provides guests with the pleasure of laying down in an elevated bed that gives the sensation of floating over landscape. Initially designed for the Scottish Highlands but can be located anywhere else. This is an ideal off-grid dwelling for those who look for sustainability and comfort in their prefabricated cabin.

Best of all, the NYDE Studio Diagonal Dwelling does not take months to assemble on-site but just ten days following a 20-week prefabrication process in the factory. It is also customizable to fit your personal needs.

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Images courtesy of NYDE Studio