There are a lot of things that go into building your dream home. The accessibility of the location, the scenery, and design among others. While some of us prefer to be somewhere within the concrete jungle, others prefer a more breathtaking view. Building on a spot with some elevation can offer an amazing view depending on the structure’s design, which is why the Bear Run Cabin sits where it is right now.

This remarkable residence comes from the brilliant minds at David Coleman Architecture. Situated in the north-western hills of the Cascade Mountains, its design does not take away the beauty of its surroundings. The house itself looks modest enough but with enough stylish elements to draw our admiration

Bear Run Cabin features two interconnected buildings that feature spaces for entertaining as well as relaxing. Granted that it stands somewhere in the Pacific Northwest forest, owners can enjoy occasional rain showers with an equally generous blessing of sunshine.

Large panels of frameless glass ensure that adequate sunlight illuminates the interiors. Moreover, the placement ensures a breathtaking view of the mountain range. The two sleeping areas that sit on two separate lofts free up more space below to accommodate various types of installations.

An expansive wooden porch would be a great spot to marvel at the night sky while sipping the beverage of your choice. Turn the corner and follow the steps down to a rain garden and where the two structures meet.

Meanwhile, the extended section is wrapped in polycarbonate and houses a shop for woodworking and a music studio. Moreover, guests can reside in the loft within the same structure. Overall, the Bear House Cabin is an outstanding example where nature becomes the best backdrop for any home.

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Images courtesy of David Coleman Architecture