A great way to discover some of the coolest new products are crowdfunding platforms. Every now and then, we scour through some of the latest projects and feature those that manage to catch our interest. Since we are still dealing with the ongoing pandemic, we’re thinking equipment offering protection are deserving attention. Check out the NXHale Filtered Mask and the advantages it offers over the competition. It might be time for us to shift to reusable options instead of disposable ones.

NXHale Canada – the team behind this awesome project – addresses one of the biggest issues with regular face masks. Given that most smartphone users now rely on facial recognition software, it presents a challenge. The algorithm relies on the camera detecting certain biometric features in order to confirm the user’s identity. With the nose and mouth covered, it becomes problematic.

Then there’s another aspect to it wherein people with hearing disabilities cannot see another person’s mouth. This practically prevents lip reading and thereby leads to another dilemma. Thankfully, the NXHale Filtered Mask addresses this issue without compromise to safety. Its filtration system can reduce exposure from particles even less than 0.3 microns by up to 97%.

Moreover, the ergonomic shape of its medical-grade hypoallergenic TPE material provides a secure fit. The manufacturer the replaceable filters work both ways to keep the wearer and those around them away from pathogens. Cleaning the NXHale Filtered Mask is easy. It is dishwasher safe (top rack), can be hand washed with detergent, and withstand 60% or greater alcohol or hand sanitizers.

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Images courtesy of NXHale Canada