Our memory isn’t always in tip-top shape. We can have trouble remembering things, events, or recall where we misplace items. Certain smart apps help remind us of events but when it comes to lost items, trackers always help. GPS trackers help us locate items and the Nomad Rugged Pet Tag especially works with your pet too with its weather-resistant features.

For those whose dogs love to play with mud and frolic in the rain, then this device is for you. It functions as an activity tracker for our pets by protecting AirTags from natural elements including rain, water, and dust with its construction. It has an IP67 waterproof and dustproof shell made with a solid polycarbonate frame and a durable TPU overmold.

Moreover, the Nomad Rugged Pet Tag allows for customization. You can have your own text engraved on an optional stainless steel insert (can be purchased separately). This lets you put in your pet’s name, phone number or address in case your pet wanders away from home.

Likewise, the Nomad Rugged Pet Tag comes with a built-in keyring hole and key ring to make it convenient to attach the tag to your pet’s collars. You can also do this with items you want to keep track like your luggage, laptop bag, keys, and more. It is not even bulky and is lightweight so it doesn’t interfere with your pets’ movements. It only measures 5.12cm x 4.3cm x 1.02cm and also comes with speaker-hole backs to ensure the chime can be heard.

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Images courtesy of Nomad