On the west coast of Portugal, on a wide beach strip, sits this delightfully lush and homey lodging custom-made to please surfers. Even if you’re not a fan of the waves, you can still stay in its rooms.

The place, called Noah Surf House, lies in the small town of Santa Cruz, about an hour’s drive from Lisbon. Right in an area abundant with waves, although less visited than the similar wave-friendly Ericeira and Peniche.

You get an almost post-apocalyptic oasis here, a coastline marked by jagged cliffs facing the Atlantic. There are also a number of point, reef, and beach breaks in the area. Waves for all levels of surfing, perfect for those just starting.

There are just eight guest rooms, with 13 bungalows in total, each modern. There are different accommodations to choose from. If you like views of the ocean, or fireplaces, or outdoors showers, you’ll get them. You can even rent a room with its own private kitchen. Of course, who has time to cook when you’re going to be surfing all day long?

Luckily, those who tire from all the wading around the waves can hightail to Noah’s Restaurant and Beach House. The menu features an eclectic mix of Portuguese and international cuisine, and with fresh local ingredients, at that. In the mornings, you can head to its terrace for a quick sun soak. Or head here before the sun sets for some cocktails. Or some communal round-the-fire jam session. Hit the link below to book a stay.


Photos courtesy of Noah Surf House