We’ve written plenty about beachfront properties here at Men’s Gear, but the St Andrews Beach House, as seen above, is perhaps the most striking of them all thus far.

Instead of subscribing to conventional architecture, Austin Maynard Architects completely got rid of corners and made a circular plan. The result is a dynamic, eye-catching structure that looks like a massive block of wood that sits on top somewhere on the coast of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

From outside, what’ll strike you the most is its timber-clad facade, which call forth images of classic sheds. What’s great is that overtime, these planks will weather, making the St Andrews Beach House as live and organic as the greenery surrounding it.

Inside, you’ll find very few, if any, walls or corridors. As such, the two-story cylinder offers unobstructed views whichever point you’re looking from. That synergy is hard to achieve, even for extremely open flans. And yet the St Andrews Beach House pulls it off with ease thanks to its circular shape.

Typically, beach houses offer terraces or balconies for mesmerizing views of the ocean. The St Andrews Beach House has none. However, the entire living room downstairs is so open that it’s basically a terrace in and of itself.

Also, instead of private sleeping quarters, the home features a single bunk room separated by curtains. It’s so open that it can also double as extra living space or a games room. And you don’t need to go there to sleep. One of the primary principles of this is actually, “Wherever I lay my head, that’s my bed.” Name a more iconic concept.


Photos courtesy of Austin Maynard Architects