For just $5,500, you can have this cool-looking surfboard created entirely from whiskey casks, courtesy of a new collaboration between Grain Surfboards and Scotland-based distillery Glenmorangie.

Talk about an unlikely pairing. Glenmorangie handed over white oak casks and let Grain Surfboards have their way with it. They turned the leftover barrels into staves or wooden planks. Then they modified them into your next surfing companion. Each wooden surfboard uses wood from the 12 Glenmorangie oak staves, in addition to Grain Surfboards’ signature northern white cedar and reclaimed western red cedar.

Oddly enough, the whiskey surfboard project began when distilling director Bill Lumsden thought about the people who’d always ask what happens to the casks after their whisky-making is over.

“Beyond the Cask is our way of working with people who share our creative vision, passion and patience, to take this wood on another step in its journey.”

By Beyond the Cask, he’s of course referring to the company’s initiative to repurpose used wood into something more usable. This marks the third collaboration as part of that initiative.

It’s also worth noting that each whiskey surfboard features “bookmatching” to ensure continuity of the pattern of the grain. Moreover, as we’ve mentioned, you can nab one for a cool $5,500. That might seem a bit pricey for just a surfboard, to be sure. That said, rich, intoxicating history will probably be sufficient enough to entice a number of people to get one.

We’re thrilled for Glenmorangie’s potential collaborations in the future. The company previously worked with Finlay & Co. to repurpose old casks into sunglass frames. Fingers crossed guitars are up next.