The adage “Great things come in small packages” aptly describes Nitecore‘s T4K flashlight. It boasts an incredible 4000 lumens packed in a palm-size design.

This handy gear is indeed small but terrible, in a good way. It packs an unbelievable amount of power in a compact size that can easily fit onto your keychain. Combined with its max output of 4000 lumens under Turbo mode is its capacity to shine the light at a max beam distance of nearly 700 feet with a max beam intensity of 10900 cd. That’s more than enough brightness to shine an entire room or reach across neighboring houses.

Nitecore’s T4K flashlight can go on for two days or 67 hours on a 10000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It uses four CREE XP-L2 V6 LED bulbs and emits a white beam of light. Its total reflective and optical lens system produces a uniform and soft light.


This is outdoor and survival gear in its true form. A press-and-hold on the mode button while under the half lockout state activates Turbo, which is a great self-defense tool. The bright light can momentarily blind your attacker. The full lockout mode deactivates the buttons to make it convenient to store the device inside your bag.

Nitecore’s T4K flashlight also has high, mid, low, and ultralow brightness levels with 200, 65, 15, and 1 lumen, respectively. It features an OLED display that shows battery life and light levels. This keychain light has temperature control to ensure a cool grip and is impact resistant and IP-54 water-resistant. It lets you switch between Demo mode for short-time illumination and Daily mode for longer illumination or outdoor use.

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Images courtesy of Nitecore