A good pair of comfortable shoes that are friendly on your feet and pores is always a treat when it comes to running, working out, or in any outdoor sports. After all, sweat is common, and wearing a pair that feels cramped and hot on your feet is definitely a no-no. The Nike Metcon 6 Training Shoe is not one of them though as it ensures your feen can breathe amid the rigorous activity.

This training shoe features a lightweight breathable mesh upper that allows 18 percent more air to flow than its predecessor, the Metcon 5. This ensures your feet keep their cool when you’re going full steam on your run or workout routine. A durable screen print supports the mesh without sacrificing breathability.

The Nike Metcon 6 is stable under full weight. It can endure the push and pull of heavily-weighted and high-intensity workouts. This equates to stability and durability for the long run. The low, flat, and wide heel supports weighted exercises like box jumps and Olympic movements. For added stability and support, you can insert the removable Hyperlift to adjust the heel height from one set to the other.

Moreover, this pair of comfy shoes feature rubber tread on the outsole and up the side of the shoe to give traction on the ground and the needed secure grip when climbing a rope. The foam in this pair is also firmer under the heel for security and softer in the forefoot to serve as a cushion for high-impact routines. The Nike Metcon 6 is available in two colors and allows for color customization.

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Images courtesy of Nike