Wearing the right footwear for various activities can definitely make a difference. Manufacturers closely study what athletes need when designing a shoe for certain sports to deliver performance and comfort. With that in mind, it’s not often that we find an all-around model that can adapt to almost everything. Yet, the Nike Metcon 5 proves that it can handle any challenge that comes your way. In other words, CrossFit enthusiasts are going to love what it offers.

As indicated by the number, the Metcon 5 is the fifth-generation model of the series. The original made its debut in 2015 with succeeding iterations getting significant upgrades each time. We can safely say that it might be the best and most versatile footwear for all kinds of fitness routines.

Nike wants consumers to know that it will meet high expectations. Therefore, that company is subjecting these kicks to extensive testing from the very best.

CrossFit superstars Lauren Fisher and Mat Fraser took the shoes through a rigorous menu of workouts. After running the gauntlet, it seems that the new version is passing with flying colors. Just like most modern footwear, there is ample amount of cutting-edge technology behind its performance.

Taking the haptic system of its predecessor, the Nike Metcon 5 adds a few tweaks of its own. These include, additional cushioning on the tongue, wider heels, a Nike Hyperlift insert, and so much more. The brand does not want to completely rewrite the recipe lest it becomes too unfamiliar for long-time users.

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Images courtesy of Nike