The world is in a big mess right now as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect various markets. International and even local travel are at a standstill while manufacturing facilities are unable to operate. Nevertheless, Men’s Gear wants to help cheer up our readers with exciting news across various industries. Take for example this awesome news from Nike as the company celebrates the 30th anniversary of one of its most iconic shoes. To commemorate the milestone is the arrival of the Air Max 2090, and boy does it deliver.

Nike is apparently drawing inspiration from the Air Max 90, which is already a fan-favorite model among collectors. To highlight the brand’s annual Air Max Day 2020, what we have is a slightly futuristic take on a classic. From what the sneaker industry sources tell us, at its core, this modern pair of kicks is still a solid running shoe.

The original model that influences its design features an upper that uses traditional materials. Meanwhile, the Air Max 2090, keeps the silhouette but opts for something a little flashy. We see its blend of opaque and transparent fabrics with bold stitching patterns in bright colors. Overall it gives the sneakers a distinct aesthetic that begs for attention.

In addition to the snazzy look are enhancements that users will feel and experience once they slip these on. Pure ergonomic bliss is what owners can look forward to as the Nike Air Max 2090 comes with outstanding comfort. The internal lining and heel cushioning will make walking and running feel like your floating on air.

Order your pair now – $150

Images courtesy of Nike