The brilliant minds at Nike have designed footwear for all-weather use: the Nike ISPA Drifter Gator. It is part of the brand’s Fall 2020 lineup and available for purchase on Oct. 8.

This pair takes inspiration from the VaporMax Flyknit Gator designed that cyclists prefer to wear during wet conditions. It is an upgrade from the ISPA Drifter Gator released earlier this year. It may look like any urban-inspired footwear but it comes with an upgrade. This pair now has a removable shroud packed in a small pouch on the rear.

The heel of the Nike ISPA Drifter Gator houses the weightless deployable shroud, which can be also be described as a parachute-like protection layer. It protects the legs and feet from mud, puddles, and rain. It can also act as a shield from scrapes or unwanted parasites when walking through tall grasses or swamps. Nike called it their “ready anytime” footwear that addresses the shifting weather. After all, you never know when it starts to rain while you’re out walking under a sunny sky.

As for its sole, it is built on the original Drifter with its lightweight supple foam compound that includes regrind Nike ZoomX foam found in the brand’s fast marathon shoes. The upper part of the shoe shifts from a split-toe design to a hearty full-toe form to ensure stability and for abrasion-resistance.

The Nike ISPA Drifter Gator comes in two different colorways. It comes in a design that features a “Summit White” upper with bold “Hyper Crimson” details. The other is in “Coastal Blue/Volt.”

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Images courtesy of Nike