It’s a great thing to see that most sports apparel brands are crossing over to urban fashion when it comes to their design. The cool thing about this is that most of the products still retain some active lifestyle functionality. Nevertheless, we are starting to see new footwear that can adapt to what the wearer needs. Nike knows its footwear and is partnering with HAVEN to give us the ISPA Joyride Envelope. The name is certainly a mouthful and so it’s the features it comes with.

Over the years, Nike has been experimenting with various materials to enhance performance. We are now seeing the fruits of its labour courtesy of new and exciting kicks that ooze style from any angle. When comfort is on top of the list, proper support, cushioning, and ventilation are essential. However, weather can be unpredictable, which is where the ripstop upper comes into play.

When the situation calls for breathability, owners can just switch to the appropriate side with laser-cut perforations. On the other hand, when moisture is of concern, a quick swap to the opposite side takes care of the problem. The Nylon straps with Velcro Mold In can be adjusted for a snug and secure fit. Another notable feature of the ISPA Joyride Envelope is the Nike React midsole.

The manufacturer is also throwing in its Joyride technology for superior traction. Nike’s designs are definitely getting bolder each season. The ISPA Joyride Envelope is a versatile piece of modern footwear that could lead the way for similar products in the future. For now, it is available via HAVEN’s online outlet.

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Images courtesy of Nike